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Terminus Central | 15-17 Terminus Street, Castle Hill
15 Terminus Street (Shire Central) is unique in its design and functionality. Internally, the style and ambience elicited by the decor and quality finishes have managed to produce a businesslike but peaceful environment.

The building answered a need at the time of its construction for small and medium range office space in the heart of the Castle Hill business district in an unique fashion.

The internal space of the building has a light and airy aspect produced by the pyramidal shaped roof which acts as a sky light allowing cool light to shine down on the internal atrium.


The atrium has a fountain as its main focal point. Walk through the entrance, past the fascinating mural and stair case and on into the atrium.

The combination of the internal staircase and fountain along with a small “alfresco” restaurant complete the almost Mediterranean feel of the building.

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